Sunday, March 13, 2011

People like photos of Flowers with Mountains in the background

It looks like that people do like images of  flowers with mountains in the background. And they even do like more if the mountains are famous ones. I got several reactions from people on different continents that they love my pictures of mountains with flowers.

Matterhorn with meadow of flowers near Zermatt / Switzerland

The problem with this kind of photos is the focus. It's almost impossible to get the close and far part of the image focussed. Of course you can choose a small aperture but it's still impossible to get everything focussed. So you have to decide on what to focus: On the mountain? On the flowers closest to you? Or the flowers a bit away? It is best to switch of auto-focus otherwise the camera constantly changes the focus point as the grass moves in the wind.

Another issue are the flowers. High in the mountains the sort of actual type of flowers changes a lot after some weeks and also with the altitude above sea level. In spring time when the snow goes away it only takes a few days until the first flowers do show up. A bit higher in the mountains there is still snow and of course it is every year different. Could be some weeks earlier or later to have more or less the same situation as last year.

So it's mid march now and the snow will go away next one, two, tree month and it looks like I have to go to the mountains several times to get some more good images of mountains and flowers.

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