Saturday, April 25, 2015

365 Days - Photo #2 - Farmers fields

This photo #2  for the project 365 days. I shot it with my mobile phone during my jogging run thru blooming meadows and farmers fields.

Start of my 365 photography project

Yesterday I read about 365 days photography project. It sounds simple. The idea is to take every day in a full year a photo and put it to an album. A lot of people find this a good idea to learn a lot about photography. So I did like the idea and so I want to start my own 365 days photography project. I hope to get a lot of comments.

Here's my first photo from my start day the 23 of April 2015.   It was taken during a little walk at the lake of Zurich yesterday evening to relax from work.

Day 1 in my 365 days photo project - At the lake of Zurich at sunset

Here some links I found about different 365 days photography projects:

Little nice evening walk at the lake of Zurich

The last few days it was very nice spring weather in Zurich / Switzerland but the forecast for the next days not not sound so good. So I did take the change to have a little walk at the lake of Zurich to enjoy the lovely weather.

If you are interested in walk there you can go to Bellevue or the train station Stadelhofen. At Bellevue you are already at the lake. From Stadelhofen you walk two, tree minutes straight down and you will reach the lake as well. Walk to the left and you will find at lot of people enjoying the lake. Especially in spring and summer time. As well you'll find a few bars, restaurants, ice cream stands and some artists

Is it one tree? Or are there several? It's amazing. It's spring time but the colors of the leaves looks like it is autumn. Must be different trees.

Here a map of the part of Zurich where the photos have been taken.